‘Splain this.

Thank you to Peter who commented this on my post The Prolife God. Read my post for yourself and perhaps take the QUIZ. https://recoveringknowitall.wordpress.com/2016/08/09/the-pro-life-god/ -KIA

via Watch “God: Merciful? Maniac? Mass-Murderer?” on YouTube — The Recovering Know It All

And thank you, Kia, for posting it as well. Had to repost. It’s just too good.

“Perhaps in response to this you might want to explain how in any context threatening things like the violent death of children and babies, let alone men and women – how in ANY CONTEXT, this is congruent with love, mercy and perfect morality.” My favorite comment in the vid and in response to all that is presented prior.

3 thoughts on “‘Splain this.

  1. Thanks for the reblog and the bump. When people will admit they themselves wouldn’t do the things that we see the god of the Bible do… but will still defend the “justice” and morality of Him doing them anyway… there is a huge problem. And I think it speaks directly to what they would allow themselves and others to do “in the name of God” given the opportunity and the right motivation. We need to keep calling these dishonest internet apologists out on their lunacy and delusions of morality. Thx again. -kia

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    • I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned “delusions.” That’s just what they are. I remember being so blinded by my beliefs that I actually “got” what the apologists assert. I had heard many intelligent arguments against what I believed, but I didn’t “get” any of that. I remember now. And I remember how my confirmation bias allowed me to spin webs of theology around the arguments against my faith so that I never seriously considered a perspective alternate to mine… until I was immersed in the university. Those who live in a “gated community of the mind” will likely never listen. But maybe we can reach some of their audience before they become brainwashed.

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