Spirituality after Deconversion?

How does an agnostic respond to an outrageous text?  “OM?!”

Taking a break from normal programming. The Pain of Deconversion is a little taxing. Be back on it real soon. A new post is needed. Spirituality – ah, yes! Always so intriguing to me. I don’t know that I can call myself agnostic anymore. I have resolved that I believe in something more, at least for now. Who/what is/are he/she/it/they? I’m open.

Any former Christians out there discover a sense of spirituality that doesn’t offend your reason, mental health or sense of self-worth? It’s not so preposterous. Many healthy-minded and intelligent people have a type of spirituality. They’re just not overly fixated with it. I, Shawna the recovering scrupulous, vow to never become obsessed with the supernatural, paranormal or woo woo again… (Are you convinced?) BRING ON THE NEXT BIG ADVENTURE!!! Damn, that last one nearly killed me.

2 thoughts on “Spirituality after Deconversion?

  1. Shawna, I’ve thought about your post several times since you wrote it.

    I deconverted 15 months ago and I’m an agnostic atheist but yet consider myself spiritual. I haven’t yet figured out *exactly* what that means yet. I know I’m skeptical and I know I don’t believe in the supernatural. Maybe by spiritual I mean that I’m learning my place in the huge universe. Or maybe I mean that somehow I know we are all connected as humans but we are also connected to everything else alive. Or maybe I believe in such a thing as Wisdom. Not a divine personality but somehow I can be in touch with what’s happening in the world. I don’t know. I wish I could explain it better, but that’s where I’m at right now.

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  2. I really appreciate your response, Quixie. I, like you, consider myself spiritual, but haven’t decided yet how that’s going to develop. Your thoughts on spirituality closely parallel mine, or at least what I am considering most currently. Not sure what will develop, but I think it helps to have other deconverts to bounce thoughts off each other. Thanks!


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